Masters Degree in Critical Gender Studies (2-year MA)

The MA degree in Critical Gender Studies is designed to educate and train future generations of gender specialists in a variety of fields and professions that address the many gendered political, cultural and social challenges of contemporary society. These fields include education, academic research, social services, non-governmental organizations, policy, social change advocacy, government advising and applied research, journalism, as well as jobs that entail various kinds of artistic production. Gender studies in the two-year program is defined as “critical” Gender Studies, signaling the ways in which students are trained to critically analyze established ideas, systems, and inequalities that decrease the possibilities for women and men to fully reach their human potential. The program offers rigorous training in critical gender analysis, writing, research skills, oral presentations, and internship experience.

Graduates will have expertise in concrete issues that are in demand, combined with practical skills in writing, analysis, English fluency, research skills, oral presentation skills, time management skills, the ability to work in groups and in a multi-cultural environment.

Program Structure

The program also allows students to develop additional skills and knowledge in one of the two special tracks: The specialization in research prepares students to enter a PhD program or any number of relevant professions. Students in the Research Track do substantial research on theses in a wide range of disciplinary approaches to gender studies. The specialization in applied gender studies involves similar coursework in theory and method but requires focused training in critical policy studies from a gender perspective and a thesis that is based on a guided internship in a field and institution within the student’s area of interest. Graduates of the Applied Track are prepared to enter careers as gender professionals in a variety of governmental and non-governmental institutions where policy is made, analyzed, and/or challenged.

This program does not entail a mobility scheme. Thus, students spend their two years at CEU, except when necessary to be away from Vienna to conduct thesis research and/or do an internship. In both tracks, students take three semesters of coursework; Research Track students take an additional methodology course in the spring of the 1st year while Applied Track students are conducting internships. All two-year students spend the winter and spring terms of the second year writing and defending the thesis.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have completed a three-year or four-year BA degree to be eligible for 2-year MA program in Critical Gender Studies. Applicants must meet the general CEU admissions requirements (outlined on the main CEU website). As for the Academic Writing Submission, they have to submit a 500-word essay on the relevance of their academic/professional background to graduate study at CEU and to their future career goals. For specific guidelines in preparing an application to Gender Studies programs, click HERE (do not apply without reading all of these instructions!). 

For more information please contact Anna Cseh, MA Program Coordinator.

Country of accreditation: 
United States
Program accreditation/registration: 
Program approved and registered by the New York State Education Department
Program accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ-Austria)
Program length: 2 years
Type of degree: CEU
US degree credits: 60
Austrian degree ECTS credits: 120
Start of the program: September