OPEN COST Action on the rise of new nationalisms and higher education: Prof. Peto is co-leading a working group

December 21, 2023

Prof. Andrea Peto is co-leading the working group on "Outreach" of the OPEN COST ActionThe working group will coordinate the dissemination of Action results to both academic and policy arenas, through outreach and events. The OPEN COST Action explores how the rise of new nationalisms and geopolitical tensions exert growing pressure on the openness of European higher education and research and examines its implications for the future of Europe. Through knowledge- exchange and collaboration, the network will converge diverse pan-European and interdisciplinary perspectives on the neonationalism-higher education relationship and accompanying geopolitical pressures.

The network will liaise with stakeholders in the domain of higher education and research to generate ideas for addressing and alleviating the growing threats to the University’s openness and global cooperation capabilities. In doing so, OPEN will develop sustainable and transferable analytical and conceptual frameworks for future studies and collaborations, including mentorship programs for early career scholars. 

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