Check the open-access book Ukraine's Many Faces, from the series New Europes

July 20, 2023

Check the open-access book Ukraine's Many Faces. Land, People, and Culture Revisited, edited by Olena Palko and Manuel Férez Gil.

Russia's large-scale invasion on February, 24 2022, once again made Ukraine the focus of world media. Behind those headlines remain the complex developments in Ukraine's history, national identity, culture, and society. Addressing readers from diverse backgrounds, this volume approaches the history of Ukraine and its people through primary sources, from the early modern period to the present. Each document is followed by an essay written by an expert on the period, and a conversational piece touching on the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine. In this ground-breaking collection, Ukraine's history is sensitively accounted for by scholars inviting the readers to revisit the country's history and culture.

The book series New Europes aims to provide a new understanding of Europe's past and present in the face of current crises such as Russia's war against Ukraine, climate change, the post-pandemic recovery, and the rise of new forms of authoritarianism. The series is edited by The University of New Europe, represented by Jan C. BehrendsDina GusejnovaAlexander EtkindMykola Makhortykh, professor at our Department Andrea PetöEllen RuttenDorine Schellens, and Philipp Schmädeke.