Restaging Memories of Dissents: #ENDSARS in Retrospect - Oluwafunmilayo Miriam Akinpelu

The #ENDSARS2020 protest will go down in history as one of the most significant
moments of mass solidarity by the Nigerian populace in the last decade. The series
of protests held in October 2020 yielded a plurality of iconographic and transmediatic
experiences as several mediums of expression like words, images, music, dance, etc.
were deployed by protesters. The incident whose ember is still stoked reflects the
possibility of integrating virtual and physical spaces for the purpose of defending
collective rights and liberties. Although #ENDSARS2020 events culminated in the said
killings of unharmed protesters at Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020, these events
have now inspired Nigerian millennials and Gen-Zers to use art as a mode of activism.
For the sake of preservation and continuity, it has become necessary to re-capture
the impactful fragments of activism manifested during #ENDSARS2020.

The goal of the project is to curate a robust digital repository of #ENDSARS2020
related experiences. But even more, like the slogan Sorosoke, this project aims to
offer a platform to a few who wish to emotively voice out lingering concerns, unsaid
stories, pent-up agitations and bitter-sweet memories. In keeping with these goals,
the project will collect the personalised narratives of about fifteen Nigerian creatives,
compile them, and curatively create a singular cohesive, coherent, video of those
shared experiences that will then be showcased during a forum and made accessible
online to those whom the events of #ENDSARS2020 resonate with.