Recent Faculty Publications

Andrea Krizsan

  • Krizsán, Andrea, and Conny Roggeband. 2021. “Reconfiguring State–Movement Relations in the Context of De-Democratization.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 28 (3): 604–28.

Andrea Pető

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Elissa Helms

Eszter Timár

Eszter Varsa

Francisca de Haan

Gisela Carrasco-Miró

Hadley Z. Renkin

Linda Fisher

  • Fisher, Linda. 2014. “The Illness Experience: A Feminist Phenomenological Perspective.” In Feminist Phenomenology and Medicine, edited by Kristin Zeiler and Lisa Folkmarson Käll, 27–46. Albany: SUNY Press.

Susan Zimmermann