PhD supervisors 2022-2023

Gender Studies faculty with specific calls for phd students for 2022-23

The PhD program in Comparative Gender Studies at CEU invites applications that propose dissertation research across the broad and interdisciplinary field of gender studies. Below is a list of faculty who especially welcome new PhD students in specific fields of research to begin in academic year 2021/2022. However, the department's supervisory capacity is not limited to the faculty members below. For the full list of faculty and their profiles, please look HERE. Also, please note that applicants do not need to secure or decide on a supervisor in advance.

Erzsébet Barát

I am interested in supervising research projects that explore feminist debates about the politics of using the category of identity (collective and/or individual) in the context of contemporary neoliberalism’s political rationality. I am also seeking research projects that would make use of critical studies of discourse in exploring the relationship between meaning and ideology, predominantly concerning sexual citizenship and hate-speech in radical rightwing populism. I am also interested in projects studying neoliberal postfeminist femininities articulated in popular culture and media. 

Fodor Éva

I am interested in supervising dissertations with a social science orientation and an interest in how gender and gender inequality shape and are shaped by social and political regimes.   More specifically, my work is in the field of paid and unpaid work, social inequalities, the welfare state, poverty and social reproduction.  Currently, I work on the gig economy, on the transformation of paid and unpaid work after the pandemic and I am exploring new ways of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.  I can best supervise students who have a firm commitment to producing clearly formulated empirical research, which seeks to connect novel empirical findings to boarder social concepts.   

Andrea Pető

Besides topics of gender history, especially intersection of memory, politics and violence, I am interested in supervising dissertations addressing root causes and different forms of global attacks on equality in different historical periods. Applicants are encouraged to address the complex relationship between national, transnational actors, impact of digital activism and how the intellectual legacy of anti-enlightenment movements and key thinkers are appropriated by these dark movements. I am particularly interested in proposals analyzing counter strategies, movements and activists in the past and today. 

Judit Sandor

I am interested in supervising projects in a range of areas involving new developments in the complex relationships between science, law and gender; and the impact of emerging technologies on recent bioethical thinking. I am also familiar with biopolitical studies, and the connections between genes, gender and society. Within the framework of my current ERC Synergy Project,  I am involved in exploring comparative European history of bioethics and public health.

Eszter Timar

I am interested in supervising dissertations which work with queer theory, its relevance for political thought, affect theory (especially inspired by Silvan Tomkins), and new materialism/posthumanism, and especially, but not necessarily, a combination of these with deconstruction. I am also seeking projects which explore the gendered aspects of immunological thought within continental philosophy, as well as projects involving deconstruction and feminist theory. I welcome any combination of the above, including projects featuring literary analysis.