Shreya Bhat

Year of Enrollment: 

Shreya Bhat is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Gender Studies at the Central European University. Her research explores transnational care networks that have developed between Nigeria and Italy following the migration of Nigerian women along the Central Mediterranean Route since the 1980s. Using the combined strength of a multi-sited ethnography, feminist oral history and ethnographic interviews, she documents how money remitted by Nigerian immigrants shapes care provisioning within the household and brings about a restructuring of gendered responsibilities within the family economy. She also explores how the household operates following the departure of migrant-members, what remittances mean to the non-migrant household members, how they organise the utilisation of remittances, reciprocate and shape care provisioning practices to collectively sustain the Nigerian transnational household. Broadly, her research interests include gender and migration, transnational households, remittances, care provisioning, irregular migration from West Africa, and migration governance along the Central Mediterranean Route. In the past, she has worked with migrant sex workers, non-governmental organisations and community based organisations in India in the capacity of a social worker, with IOM's Research Unit for Libya, Danish Refugee Council and Mixed Migration Centre (Asia and the Pacific), and the Migration Policy Institute (MPI).


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Master of Arts in Development Studies
Master of Arts in Critical Gender Studies