Andres Sarabia

Year of Enrollment: 

Andrés Sarabia is a PhD Candidate of Comparative Gender Studies at the Central European University. Their research interests include critical development studies, feminist political ecology, critical food studies, postdevelopment, postcolonial studies, decolonial option, science and technology studies.

My research is placed at the intersection between critical food and gender studies. It takes issue with food, nutrition and agriculture as constitutive of world and local political economies, embedded in development discourse. In particular, it questions how the promotion and mainstreaming of gender analysis has become a policy staple to achieve a ‘developed’ future by examining the case of food policy at global and local levels. The project explores the incorporation of gender perspectives inside global food policy and problematizes it through its materialization in the urban postcolonial institutional landscape of Bogota, Colombia during the past three decades. I focus on the changing inter-institutional arrangements inside the city’s government that develop as a response to the design of city-level policies and their uneasy relation to the biopolitical subjects they are aiming to constitute.


MA in Development Studies, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Den Haag, The Netherlands
BA Economics, Los Andes University, Bogota, Colombia