Ana Abril

Year of Enrollment: 

Ana Abril is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Gender Studies at Central European University, working on the project “The Decolonial Cannibal and the Social Holobiont: The Politics of Ontology in Contemporary Theories Advancing Ecological Thinking”. She explores the political implications in the turns to ontology of diverse strands of thought that either relate to the decolonial claim of ontological multiplicity and plurality or to the materialist theorization of an ontologically indeterminate and complex world. By focusing on alimentary tropes and relationships, she mainly engages with the strands of new materialisms, medical and environmental humanities in STS, the ontological turn in anthropology, and the discourses of some Indigenous scholars. Broadly, her research interests include feminist theories of the body, queer theory, continental philosophy, critical pedagogy, and contemporary art practices.

Currently, Ana is a visiting fellow at the Laboratory: Anthropology Of Environment | Human Relations at the Institute for European Ethnology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with funding provided by DAAD scholarship.


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and Media Studies
Master of Arts in Critical Gender Studies