CEU’s Department of Gender Studies Thanks

The Department of Gender Studies would like to express its appreciation to all alumni, friends, colleagues, and associates from around the globe for the outstanding support and solidarity we, as the community of the Department and CEU in general, have received over the past several days since learning of the Hungarian government’s attack on our university.

We are extremely grateful for the solidarity of other Gender Studies academics, programs, and associations worldwide.

The outpouring of institutional support for CEU and academic freedom includes:

For more information on the situation and what you can do to help, please visit the page #istandwithCEU.

Gender Studies, with the rest of CEU, will fight this legislation. We are accepting students for programs starting September 2017, and we look forward to welcoming them. We want to continue to provide a space for critical scholarship on gender topics in the vibrant, stimulating environment that is CEU and Budapest. 

Utrecht University stands by CEU

Gender and Women's Studies Research and Application Center at Sabancı University supports CEU 

Tallin University stands with CEU


#atgenderconference people supporting CEU. From #Vilnius with #love

Gender Studies in Abo Academi supporting CEU