Grants and support in Gender Studies

PhD offers come with three years of full funding. Self-financing students are not accepted.

For its one- and two-year MA programs, the Gender Studies Department offers different levels of scholarship support on a competitive basis. Most successful applicants are offered a Tuition Award and a more limited number also receive a partial stipend (CEU Master's Scholarship). (The department does not offer the full stipend Excellence Scholarship in the interest of making support available to as many students as possible.) See details on the Admissions website. For funding possibilities and costs for the GEMMA and Matilda MA programs, follow the appropriate links to program information.

The CEU Master's Scholarship

Covers the full cost of tuition and medical insurance. In addition, scholarship recipients are awarded a monthly stipend of 50,000 HUF, designed to assist with the cost of meals and miscellaneous expenses. Single or shared housing in the CEU Residence Center is offered in most cases with the exception of those students who permanently reside in Budapest.

Scholarship recipients who were awarded housing in the CEU's Residence Center have the option to decline it. In such cases, however, CEU does not cover the costs of alternative accommodation.

Note: All master's students are required to pay a Student Enrollment Fee of 62,700 HUF per academic year.