Prof. Susan Zimmermann co-edits a book on women’s activism with a focus on work

October 14, 2022

Prof. Susan Zimmermann (affiliated with the CEU’s Department of Gender Studies and Department of History), together with Eloisa Betti, Leda Papastefanaki, and Marica Tolomelli, has edited the book Women, Work, and Activism: Chapters of an Inclusive History of Labor in the Long Twentieth Century. This book is about a major theme in the history of the laboring classes that continues to be understudied. Its chapters examine women’s activism in men -as well as women- dominated sectors of the world of work and women’s activism within the labor movement and various other male-dominated organizations and institutions on the one hand, and women-dominated networks and women’s organizations on the other. Working women’s activism and organizing aimed at improving both labor conditions in paid and unpaid work and the living conditions of working-class women and their families and communities. In short: women’s activism with a focus on work possesses a rich history.

You can check the ToC and Introduction of the book in the attachment below.