Two New Publications by Prof. Andrea Pető

December 7, 2020

“ Shame revisited in the memory politics of illiberal states,” in Shame and Masculinity. ed. Ernst von Alphen. Plural Serie (Amsterdam: Valiz, 2020), 103–113.

„Parallel Stories: The Rise of Far-Right Women’s Movements in the 1930s and 2010s,” in Back to the ’30s? Recurring Crises of Capitalism, Liberalism, and Democracy. Editors: J. Rayner, J., S. Falls, S., G. Souvlis, T.C. Nelms (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020), 277–292.

The essays in this volume address the question: what does it mean to understand the contemporary moment in light of the 1930s? In the aftermath of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and facing a dramatic rise of right wing, authoritarian politics across the globe, the events of the 1930s have acquired a renewed relevance. Contributions from a diverse, interdisciplinary group of scholars address the relationship between these historical moments in various geographical contexts, from Asia-Pacific to Europe to the Americas, while probing an array of thematic questions—the meaning of populism and fascism, the contradictions of constitutional liberalism and “militant democracy,” long cycles and crisis tendencies in capitalism, the gendering and racialization of right wing movements, and the cultural and class politics of emancipatory struggles. Uncovering continuity as well as change and repetition in the midst of transition, Back to the 30s? enriches our ability to use the past to evaluate the challenges, dangers, and promises of the present.