Apply to Gender Studies in 2019/20

The Department of Gender Studies invites applications to the following programs in 2019/20:

One-year MA in Gender Studies

Two-year MA in Critical Gender Studies

MATILDA MA in Women’s and Gender History

GEMMA MA in Women’s and Gender Studies

PhD in Comparative Gender Studies

CEU Gender Studies offers intensive training in the interdisciplinary and dynamic field of gender scholarship in a unique environment with colleagues and teachers from around the world. For specifics on the Gender Studies Department and its programs, please see our website.

Despite the fact that CEU’s US-accredited programs have been forced out of Hungary and that Gender Studies programs have lost their Hungarian accreditation, please note that all programs of CEU’s Department of Gender Studies will continue in 2019-20 and beyond under their US accreditation. In 2019-20, CEU will operate as a multi-campus university with new students enrolling in Vienna in close cooperation with the Budapest campus.

For more information on application procedures, financial aid, and updates on practicalities, please visit CEU’s Admissions site. The deadline for applying to the PhD program (fully funded) and for all MA programs for those who wish to be considered for CEU financial aid  is January 31, 2019.

More information on CEU’s move to Vienna and plans for 2019/20 can be found at the university’s website.  With further questions about CEU and the admissions process, please turn to our friendly admissions office.


Check out our previously recorded webinar sessions for further information and meet the students and professors of CEU's Department of Gender Studies!

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