Activism, Social Movements and Policy

The research of numerous members of the department and parts of our courses focus on women’s, LGBTIQ, and other social movements. They reflect a variety of perspectives which include the history of these movements, their links to broader global events and politics such as colonialism, WWII, the Cold War, local nationalisms, the UN, conservative politics, and so forth. Or they might consider how discourses about “victimhood” or nationalism are appropriated and used strategically by activists as they negotiate to achieve great rights or visibility for specific causes. Such research and teaching uses an intersectional approach which attends to the ways social movements are entangled with local as well as transnational factors or influences. Finally, in dialogue with larger developments at CEU in its new School of Public Policy, faculty members and courses also address policy (past and present) in relation to the state, the EU, gender, and other relevant topics.