Welcome to the start of Academic Year 2021-22! 

The department is looking forward to welcoming new and returning students in September to start another academic year. We are preparing handbooks, course materials, and all the information you will need when you get here (along with the help you will get from the CEU central administration). The Head of Department and the office staff will greet new students on Monday, September 6 at 3 pm online during the Pre-session Week (September 6-10) and give you an introduction to what's coming next. 

The Zero Week (September 13-17) is when our activities really get going as you join the faculty, returning students, and the rest of the new students for a series of lectures, discussions, and course presentations. More information will be coming soon, please expect updates via e-mail.

Enjoy the rest of summer! 

Gender Studies is an academic discipline with deep roots and an enormous resonance in the contemporary world. The field is constantly developing, and new research themes, journals and programs keep emerging, testifying to the profound and far-reaching significance of the knowledge produced. At the same time, we also witness a huge backlash against feminisms, women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, and Gender Studies themselves – from attempts to ban abortion rights and the establishment of so-called “LGBTQ free zones” in EU countries, to the use of the term “gender ideology” to reject basic scientific insights about sex and gender, and official refusals to recognize Gender Studies as an academic discipline.

In this broader context, the Department of Gender Studies at CEU strives to meet the growing demand for knowledge and expertise in gender issues by providing both Master's and doctoral level programs in Gender Studies, as well as serving as a base for non-degree studies and other activities in the field. On the Master’s level we offer a one-year MA degree and a two-year MA in Critical Gender Studies, and we are partners in MATILDA (two-year European MA in Women’s and Gender History) and GEMMA (two-year Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree in Women's and Gender Studies). In addition, we offer a PhD in Comparative Gender Studies. Gender Studies faculty also teach in the CEU’s new BA programs. Read more


Thursday September 16

Tuesday September 14

Jeremy Braverman, Vlad Naumescu, Oksana Sarkisova, Erzsebet Strausz, Robyn Dora Radway, Ulrich Meurer, Dóra Mérai, Klára Trencsényi
September 14, 2021
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