Scholarships and financial support

The Department of Gender Studies has 6 openings for first year PhD students for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. All positions are fully funded. Funding includes full tuition waiver and living stipend for three academic years; there are further opportunities to apply for additional research, writing, and teaching grants in the later stages of the program, the length of which is usually between 4-6 years. Please see this link for further details.

The Department is also accepting applications for its one- and two-year Masters degree programs. For its one- and two-year MA programs, the Gender Studies Department offers different levels of scholarship support on a competitive basis. Most successful applicants are offered a Tuition Award; a more limited number also receive the CEU Master's Scholarship. In the interest of supporting as many students as possible, the department does not offer full stipend (96 000 HUF) but partial stipend only (50 000 HUF) as part of the financial aid package. See further details on the Admissions website.

For funding possibilities and costs for the GEMMA and MATILDA MA programs, follow the appropriate links to program information.

Please note: admission offers are made for specific programs and with specific scholarships and tuition awards attached. Scholarship packages, including dormitory accommodation, cannot be altered once a student enrolls in the program. Please note that programs are full time and very demanding; even part-time paid work alongside your studies is not recommended. Please plan your finances accordingly for the entire period of the program, as you may need additional funds or savings in order to cover basic costs of living, depending on the financial package offered. 

CEU Doctoral Scholarship

CEU Master's Scholarship