Tamara Cvetković

Year of Enrollment: 

Tamara Cvetković is pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies at Central European University, working on the project "F(r)ictions of Mobility: Mapping the Field of Literary Migration and Cultural Translation in the Works of Women-identified Authors from the Balkans". Her research focuses on the literary production of transnational women-identified contemporary authors from the Balkans whose work thematizes migration, identity, linguistic and cultural translation, as well as their complex relationships with literary ‘classics.’ Focusing mainly on the authors from the Western Balkans, she explores border-crossings and traveling through physical and imagined geographies, fictional worlds, literary traditions and genres, and cultural traditions with an aim to map their trajectories through the lens of feminist interpretation as well as to map cultural translations that are framing their works. In addition, her aim is to explore the ways in which these authors (re)use literary ‘classics’ in revolutionary ways (Standford Friedman, 2019) to create new works, and how these works continue their transnational circulation.

Additionally, Tamara is engaged as a Junior Visiting Researcher within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network project "EUTERPE: European Literatures and Gender from a Transnational Perspective".


Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory (University of Belgrade)
Master of Arts in Gender Studies (Central European University)