Richard Karl Deang

Year of Enrollment: 

Richard Karl Deang is a PhD candidate in Comparative Gender Studies with a concentration in Anthropology at Central European University.

His dissertation is an ethnographic investigation of the biomedical category “men who have sex with men” in the context of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the current biopolitical crisis of the Philippines. His focus is on two NGOs in the Philippines that function as nodes connecting state agencies, transnational coalitions, funding agencies, research institutes, the medical establishment, sexual communities, and other NGOs. His main aim is to map out the ways in which "MSM," which was originally concieved as an epidemiological category pertaining to sexual practices, has paradoxically become an identity category. Through the work of the different actants in the network of HIV/AIDS, "MSM" produces patterns of belonging for people in the form of bodily practices related to HIV infection, prevention, and treatment.

His research, while rooted in the anthropological tradition, is inspired by work in the field of science and technology studies (STS). Through his work on "MSM" and HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, he aims to offer a postcolonial, queer critique of the continuing mutual construction of sexuality, pathology, neocolonialism, and late modernity in the global biomedical age.


MA Comparative Literature, University of the Philippines Diliman
BA European Languages, University of the Philippines Diliman