Alexandra Ghit


I am a doctoral candidate in Comparative Gender Studies. I submitted my dissertation, titled "Loving Designs: Gendered Welfare Provision, Activism and Expertise in Interwar Bucharest", in May 2019. I will be defending it in January 2020.

Constructed as a left-feminist revision to the dominant “modernity paradigm” interpretation of the interwar period in Romania, my dissertation contributes to challenging the prevailing institutionalism and masculinist bias in studies on welfare provision in Eastern Europe. It argues that welfare provision in Bucharest was an ill-funded gendered mixed economy, in which state and voluntary associations, paid and unpaid work, as well as repression and ignorance of visible need both helped and hindered the social reproduction of various social groups. "Loving Designs" unpacks how contests over expertise and daily practices were crucial to the operation of this mixed economy.

I graduated in 2011 from the MATILDA European MA in Gender and Women’s History program, also offered by CEU.

-Gender and women’s history, with a focus on twentieth century Central and Eastern Europe in a global perspective.
- Gender and welfare, global labor history, feminist political economy, history and sociology of social policy, social history of state socialist regimes.

My newest research project deals with gendered labour activism in Romanian tobacco production in transnational perspective, 1890s to 1970s.

Zimmermann, Susan, Birgitta Bader-Zaar, Ágoston Berecz, Alexandra Ghit, Jitka Gelnarová, and Michaela Königshofer. “Women and Social Movements in the Habsburg Empire.” Alexandria, VA: Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires, 2018. Alexander Street database.
Note: This is a historiographical essay synthesizing the contents of a collection of over 600 carefully digitized, described and indexed archival documents and published sources. I am am very proud to have been able to contribute to this project and hope scholars make use of its full potential. Link to "Habsburg Empire" cluster of the Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1829 database hosted by Alexander Street - .

Ghit, Alexandra. “Professionals’ and Amateurs’ Pasts: A Decolonizing Reading of Post-War Romanian Histories of Gendered Interwar Activism.” European Review of History: Revue Européenne d’histoire 25, no. 1 (2018): 21–44.

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August- December 2019: Global Teaching Fellow, Asian University for Women Bangladesh
January- April 2014: TA for "Communism and Gender" course (Convenor Prof. Francisca de Haan), CEU Hungary
May 2014: CTL Certificate for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education


PhD Candidate (ABD)