Adriana Qubaia-Ova

Czech Republic
Year of Enrollment: 
2011 to 2018

My doctoral dissertation focuses on mapping contemporary political and socio-economic factors that shape the negotiation of gendered non-normative sexualities in Beirut. Based on ethnographic fieldwork, I trace the ways in which these processes structure a Lebanese queer self's presentation, embodiment, performance, and, subsequently, its sexual politics. The conceptualization of gendered sexualities in Middle East studies is continuously caught between debates over sexuality’s authenticity on the one hand, and imperial imposition and mimicry on the other. My dissertation challenges the currently dominant theoretical framework through employing rich ethnographic analysis of the on-ground manifestation of gender and sexuality politics. Therefore, I hope to contribute not only to a grounded theorization of non-normative sexualities and sexual political activism in Beirut, but also to Middle East sexuality studies and queer theory more broadly.

I am also broadly interested in: NGOization, migration and refugee studies, and labour studies. Some of the projects I have worked on include studying labour rights violations in the EU, researching feminist conceptions of transitional justice, and co-authoring a dictionary of accessible gender and sexuality terminology.

I am fluent in English and Arabic, and have working knowledge in Czech and French. Politically I am committed to feminism, queer rights, Palestinian solidarity, and a fight against rising European Islamophobia.

I am an Affiliate in the Center for Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) in the American University of Beirut (AUB).


M.A. in Gender Studies, Central European University, with distinction
B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, Middlebury College
I.B., United World College of the American West