June 10, at 5pm CET: Webinar "Alexandra Kollontai, Kreenholm factory and feminist art"

June 7, 2021

Webinar "Alexandra Kollontai, Kreenholm factory and feminist art"

How to conceptualise the links between Alexandra Kollontai, Kreenholm factory in Narva, contemporary feminist art and the history of working-class women in Estonia?

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ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND INTELLECTUAL DISSENT Online conference organised by Scholars at Risk – Ireland and ALLEA

May 31, 2021

This conference will focus on the importance of intellectual dissent and academic freedom to democratic societies in a Western, particularly European, context. The speakers and the panel will discuss the scope and the limits of academic freedom in the context of political populism, neoliberalism and the exigencies of the post Covid social and educational landscape. Topics to be discussed include but are not limited to