Graduates from the PhD program (2002-)


Patricia Nedelea

Femina Ludens Re-Con-Queering Shakespeare - A Feminist Gendeconstruction

supervisor: Susan Zimmermann

current position: writer


Beáta Hock

Gendered Artistic Positions and Social Voices: Politics, Cinema, and the Visual Arts in State-Socialist and Post-Socialist Hungary

supervisor: Susan Zimmermann

current position: Leipzig Center for the History and Culture of East-Central Europe, Research Fellow


Marija Grujic

Community and the Popular: Women, Nation and Turbo-folk in Post-Yugoslav Serbia

supervisor: Elissa Helms

current position: Institute for Literature and Art, Serbia, Researcher

Danica Minic

Gender Sensitive Journalism and Television Media in Serbia and Croatia

supervisor: Erzsébet Barát

current position: Radboud University Nijmegen, Coordinator

Dejan Ilic

War of Words and Words for War, Nationalism and Masculinity in the Field of Serbian Literature in the 1970s and 1980s

supervisor: Jasmina Lukic

current position: Independant researcher, literary critique, owner of publishing house Publica Kniga


Eszter Varsa

Gender, “Race”/Ethnicity, Class and the Institution of Child Protection in Hungary, 1949-1956

supervisor: Éva Fodor

current position:  Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg


Dominika Gruziel

At the Crossroads of New Catholicism and the 'Woman Question': Polish Roman Catholic Laywomen's Social Activism on Behalf of Women in the Three Zones of Partitioned Poland, 1878-1918

supervisor: Francisca de Haan

current position: European University Institute, Marie Curie Fellow

Katja Kahlina

Sexual Politics of Belonging: Sexual Identities, Nationalism, and Citizenship in Post-Yugoslav Croatia

supervisor: Erzsébet Barát

current position: University of Helsinki, Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Nil Mutluer

Tactics in between: Gendered Citizenship and Everyday Life of Internally Displaced Men in Tarlabasi, Istanbul

supervisor: Susan Zimmermann

current position: Humboldt University, Research Fellow

Tamar Sabedashvili

The Identification and Regulation of Domestic Violence in Georgia (1991-2006)

supervisor: Francisca de Haan, Éva Fodor

current position: Tbilisi State University, Gender Department, Head


Dusica Ristivojevic

Gender and Internationalization in China: The Case of Nüxue bao (1898)

supervisor: Allaine Cerwonka

current position: Academia Sinica, Postdoctoral researcher

Erika Kispéter

Producing Working Mothers: Maternalist Labor Control in a Hungarian Factory

supervisor: Éva Fodor

current position: Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, Research Fellow

Viktoriya Zhukova

Racializing Europe: Transnational and National Dimensions of Biopolitics, Health and HIV/AIDS. The Case of Ukraine

supervisor: Anna Loutfi

current position: Peace Corps PEPFAR, Ukraine, Program Manager

Zuzana Kepplova

The Beat of 'Cool Capitalism': How Slovak Club Cultures Helped Make the New Middle Class

supervisor: Allaine Cerwonka

current position: Masaryk University, Postdoctoral Lecturer


Irina Costache

Archiving Desire: Materiality, Sexuality and the Secret Police in Romanian State Socialism

supervisor: Allaine Cerwonka

current position: National Agency for Equality Between Women and Men (Romanian Government), Counselor to the State Secretary

Irina Koshulap

Women, Nation, and the Generation Gap: Diasporic Activism of the Ukrainian National Women's League of America in the post-Cold War Era

supervisor: Allaine Cerwonka

current position: UNHCR, Senior Performance Management Assitant

Nicole Butterfield

LGBTIQ Advocacy at the Intersection of Transnational and Local Discourses on Human Rights and Citizenship in Croatia

supervisor: Erzsébet Barát

current position: NEWFELPRO/Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Zagreb, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Paul Scheibelhofer

Integrating the Patriarch? Negotiating Migrant Masculinity in Times of Crisis of Multiculturalism

supervisor: Elissa Helms

current position: University of Innsbruck, Department of Educational Science

Sanja Kajinic

Subversive Visuality between Art and Activism: Post-Yugoslav Negotiations of Queer Art

supervisor: Erzsébet Barát

current position: University of Lodz, Teaching Assistant


Dorottya Rédai

Sexing the School. Constituting Gender, Ethnicity and Class through Discourses of Sexuality in a Hungarian Secondary School

supervisor: Éva Fodor

Board Member in Labrisz Lesbian Association
Trainer and facilitator in the school program “Getting to Know LGBT People”

Márta Kőrösi

Subversive Visuality between Art and Activism: Post-Yugoslav Negotiations of Queer Art

supervisor: Jasmina Lukic

current position: Secretary, Doctoral School, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary

Mihai Lucaciu

The Return of the Flesh: Poetics of Male Hysteria for the Stage

supervisor: Jasmina Lukic

current position: Bucharest, Romania, Stage Director, Performing Arts

Nebojsa Jovanovic

Gender and Sexuality in the Classical Yugoslav Cinema, 1947-1962

supervisor: Jasmina Lukic

current position: Akcija Sarajevo, Film scholar, Project Coordinator

Ovidiu Anemtoaicei

Masculinities, Male Bodies and Sexual Difference: a Sketch for an Impossible "Becoming-man"

supervisor: Linda Fisher

current position: HECATE Publishing House, Romania, Founding Partner


Frank Karioris

Between Class and Friendship: Homosociality in an All-Male Residence Hall in the U.S.

supervisor: Daniel Monterescu

current position: American University of Central Asia, Assistant Professor

Rita Béres-Deák

Balloons with Candles – Hungarian Same-sex Couples and their Families of Origin Renegotiating Kinship

supervisor: Hadley Z. Renkin

Selin Cagatay

The Politics of Gender and the Making of Kemalist Feminist Activism in Contemporary Turkey (1946-2011)

supervisor: Susan Zimmermann


Marianna Szczygielska

Queer(ing) Naturecultures, the Study of Zoo Animals

Supervisor: Hadley Renkin

Francisca Cettl

Mapping Human-Nonhuman Biopolitics in Classic Gothic Science Fiction


Supervisor: Eszter Timár

Eva Zekany

A Biopolitics of Media Addiction

Supervisor: Eszter Timár

Sonia Garzón-Ramírez

Forcibly urban: Internally Displaced Persons’ Experiences of Bogotá’s Neoliberal Transformation 

Supervisor: Sara Meger


Ráhel Turai

Sexual Transitions: Biographical Bisexuality in Post-socialist Hungary

Supervisor: Hadley Renkin

Maria Temmes

A Feminist Engagement with Systems Medicine

Supervisor: Judit Sándor

Calvin Keogh

A Singular Nomad: The Minor Transnationalism of Christopher Isherwood

Supervisor: Jasmina Lukic


Barna Szamosi

Gendered Analysis on Race and Ethnicity based Medical Discourses of Human Genetics in Hungary

Supervisor: Judit Sándor

Heather Tucker

The Lesbian and the NGO, an Ethnography of Queer Organizing in Accra, Ghana

Supervisor: Elissa Helms, Hadley Renkin

Adriana Qubaiova

Cross-Bracing Sexualities: Hedging ‘Queer’/Sexual Non-Normativity in Beirut

Supervisor: Hadley Renkin


Alexandra Ghit

Loving Designs: Gendered Welfare Provision, Activism and Expertise in Interwar Bucharest

Supervisor: Susan Zimmermann

Stanimir Panayotov

The Problem of Disembodiment: An Approach from Continental Feminist-Realist Philosophy

Supervisor: Susan Zimmermann

Rasa Navickaite

The prehistoric Goddess of the late twentieth century: Transnational Feminist reception, Construction and Appropriation of Marija Gimbutas 

Supervisor: Susan Zimmermann