Gender and Illiberalism in Post-Communist Europe

Volume 10, Issue 4


Gender and Illiberalism in Post-Communist Europe


Matthijs Bogaards (Central European University, Austria) and Andrea Pető (Central European University, Austria)
Submission of Abstracts: 1-15 July 2021
Submission of Full Papers: 1-15 March 2022
Publication of the Issue: October/December 2022


Illiberalism as a challenge to democracy is well documented. The proliferation of illiberal democracies around the world has been studied since at least the 1990s. Less well known is the relationship between illiberalism and gender. Recent events in such countries as Hungary and Poland show that the attack on liberal democracy is also an attack on gender equality and the LGTBQI community.

This thematic issue seeks to explore the relationship between illiberalism and gender, focusing on a region where gender progress is under threat from de-democratization: post-communist Europe. The contributions to this thematic issue will investigate the gendered working of illiberal institutions as well as the policies, mechanisms, and discourses through which the very notion of gender is constructed as a threat to increasingly populist and nationalist views of the polity, society, family, and individual. The contributions will demonstrate illiberalism’s impact on gendered issues in a broad range of social, economic, and political spheres, including the labour market, culture, academia, the legal system, foreign policy, and security. They will do so from a variety of perspectives and a diversity of academic backgrounds, together building the first systematic examination of the relationship between illiberalism and gender in post-communist Europe.

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