Thesis Writing Workshop Group 1, 2 (2017/18)

Course Description: 

Mandatory for all graduating MA students. (NB: the workshop will meet March 5-14, 2018 for second year students in 2-year programs. One-year students take TWW in May)

The main aim of the workshop is to help you in the process of writing your MA thesis. Each student presents a (draft) analytical/research chapter, together with a (draft) table of contents (ToC), which will help clarify the function of that chapter in the thesis.

This is a writing workshop. This means that the whole group reads all the chapters and that everybody gives feedback during the sessions. In this way, you can contribute to the work of your peers and receive helpful questions and suggestions regarding your own chapter. Also, attentive reading of your colleagues’ chapters will be useful, not just because of their interesting topics but also because a close reading of other people’s work-in-progress will clarify writing issues for yourself, for example how to structure a chapter, how to use evidence, and how to construct an argument.

Learning Outcomes: 

* The workshop will help you make a significant step in the thesis writing process by giving you a deadline for the submission of a core chapter of your thesis.

* The workshop will train you in how to make a clear presentation of your own research.

* The workshop will train you in providing constructive feedback to the academic work of your peers.

* After the Workshop you should also have a clearer idea of what the main argument of the chapter in question is, how it contributes to the argument of the thesis as a whole, and what the particular, original contribution of your thesis will be.  


This is a pass/fail course. Requirements to pass:

* Attendance

* Preparation and presentation of a (draft) thesis chapter and your thesis table of contents

* Careful reading of your peers’ chapters, preparing and providing feedback on their work.

* Writing a memo for the TWW professor and your supervisor about how you will respond to the feedback on your chapter.