The PhD Preparation Seminar is a mandatory course for first-year PhD students in Comparative Gender Studies at CEU. It is a workshop-style course designed to guide probationary doctoral students through the conceptualization and development of the PhD Thesis Proposal and accompanying Fields and Themes Paper, the...
Instructor: Éva Fodor
Credits: 2.0
The aim of this seminar is to help students with the writing of their dissertation. Each student presents at least one (draft) chapter, together with a (draft) table of contents, which will help clarify the function of the chapter in the thesis, and the chapter’s and thesis’s overall arguments.The seminar’s core...
Instructor: Eszter Timár
Credits: 2.0
Aims and ObjectivesThe aim of this course is to provide students from the 2nd year of their studies onwards with the skills necessary for completing a successful Gender dissertation in a timely fashion and to help students develop writing skills that they can use after the completion of their studies. 
Instructor: Andrea Kirchknopf
Credits: 2.0
This two-credit PhD course is a mandatory requirement for students in the first year of the PhD program in Comparative Gender Studies. Its aim is to critically interrogate the relationship between theoretical concepts, methodological approaches, and research outcomes with the underlying goal of incorporating...
Instructor: Elissa Helms
Credits: 2.0
Mandatory Public Lecture SeriesThese are talks organized throughout the academic year that are also open to the CEU community. They are given by scholars from other universities and are a way for the students and faculty to learn about current research in the field of gender studies and to engage in dialogue with...
Instructor: Faculty, staff
Credits: 1.0