Gender, Race, Class: Global Inequalities

Course Description: 

The course is offered by the Romani Studies Program at CEU

This course examines the links between gender, race, and class in the era of global capitalism.  Through the semester, students will critically explore the racialized and gendered manifestations of capitalism at the global and local level. The course explores how dominant economic and political rationalities of neoliberalism have constructed through particular discourses and social practices and how it effects racialized groups such as Roma in various geographic localities.   Through the semester students will critically explore the dynamic of global inequality and process of social change through a variety of topics; such as gendered division of labor, politics of racialized and gendered body, politics of production and reproduction, etc.  One of the central themes of the course is how the notion of “disposable third world women” has been emerged by global capitalism and reproduced in the heart of the “first world”. What are the major forces which shape these women’s life trajectories? What are the links between gendered and racialized discourses, markets, ideologies and institutions that shape women’s work and subjectivities in their politics of locations?


Learning Outcomes: