Gender and Religion - Tutorial

Course Description: 

Can be taken only in connection with the SRS Mandatory class Gender and Religion. 

The tutorial in Gender and Religion, which accompanies the seminar, provides the opportunity to engage more closely and intimately with the theme. Whereas the course approaches the theme of gender and religion topically and through cross-disciplinary perspectives, while offering at the same time a historical compass and comparative religious approach, the Tutorial offers in the First Part the opportunity for in-depth reading of the foundational, exegetical and traditional texts. The Second part of the Tutorial however will focus on more contemporary and multidisciplinary issues and themes which be approached through case studies.

At the beginning of the term, the class will decide on a number of case studies, based on the students’ own research needs and concerns. The proposed case studies may therefore be exchanged by other cases. For the case studies, the definitive literature will be decided upon in preparation of the case studies.

Learning Outcomes: 

• Ability to establish and work with case studies and critically apply key terms, concepts and ideas discussed in the seminar, including comparative study.
• Develop debating skills and maintain argumentative frameworks
• Achieve familiarization and engagement with foundational concepts of religion and gender and with key debates and trends in the field through close reading
• Critically evaluate and assess the modern scholarship (as well as primary sources) on relevant topics
• Compare and assess different methodologies and approaches to religion and gender