Foundations of Gender Studies II (2017/18)

Course Description: 

Mandatory for students in the 1 year program and for the first year students in the 2 year programs Critical Gender Studies and GEMMA. Core course in feminist history for the 1st year GEMMA students. (Students register with one of the two groups)

Built upon Foundations I, this course explores the major contributions in feminist scholarship that shaped the field of Gender Studies after the first and second waves of feminism. In particular, the course focuses on feminist inquiries that emerge from questioning the universal category of woman, tracing the multiple (and sometimes conflicting) ways of addressing the question of difference in order to rearticulate key concepts such as sexuality, embodiment, power, knowledge, and language. The curriculum is designed to discuss both the potential and the challenge of feminist engagements with poststructuralist theories, psychoanalysis, postcolonial criticism, and new materialist discourses. In this, the course invites reflection on theory in the context of transnational knowledge production, rather than in binary opposition to praxis.


Learning Outcomes: