Critical Romani Studies: Past, Present, and Future Approaches to Roma (Gypsy, Travellers, Sinti, etc) Related Studies

Course Description: 

The course is offered by the Romani Studies Program at CEU

This is a foundational course which is designed to familiarize students with some of the basic concepts and arguments in the broad interdisciplinary field of Romani Studies. The Romani people (Gypsy, Travellers, Sinti, etc) have been an object of various academic inquiry for many centuries. This course aims to re-envision Romani Studies through a critical lens and discuss further possibility to use new theoretical approaches as well as to take a more engaged stance in Romani studies. Students will discuss concepts and arguments as well as the impacts of Romani studies, from the orientalist folklorist via anthropological and sociological approaches to engaged and emancipatory scholarship.  Through the semester students interrogate the intellectual and disciplinary traditions of Romani studies and examines the academic, cultural, and political impact of various Roma related studies. We will also analyze the historical, political, socioeconomic, and cultural contexts of the specific Roma related ideas and concepts. We will identify the key trends in each set of approach and try to follow the transformation of these ideas. By the end of the course students will be able to use these approaches, concepts, and terms in a thoughtful and nuanced way informed by their scholarly critique.  

Learning Outcomes: