Advanced topics in Gender Studies

Course Description: 

This course is designed to develop understandings, skills, and outlooks to conduct and present original, independent research in gender studies to help students prepare for their MA research. The aims are to learn how to design and conduct an original research project, to develop skills in research methodology, to be able to discuss research, other topics with academics in your field and to learn how to make scholarly presentations. Several representative examples of feminist research will be discussed from the point of view of research design, methodology, argumentation and analytical finesse. Using selected examples, students will be required to relate aspects of the readings and the discussion to their research projects and to progress towards better understanding of the aims, research questions and the scope of the research they want to make for their MA thesis. The course also experiments with creative writing exercises to help the thesis writing process.


Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be familiar with thinking technologies and writing methodologies that can inspire scholars to explore new ways of writing their researcher ‘I’ into the text and alternative approaches to represent their ‘objects’ of research, while taking into account the complex interactions of multiple locations and intersecting identifications. 



There is no final paper for this class, so grading will be based on class participation, short written pieces and a final presentation of research proposal.

Active participation in class (40%) critical engagement with the required readings, active, respectful and thoughtful engagement with the work of the others submitted to the moodle

Presentation of research proposal (30%) The presentation is a max. 20 minutes oral presentation of your research topic including how the topic/questions/ methods/argument/self-positioning have improved/changed during the course

Assignments (30%) are due in hard copy in my box AND to the moodle. Preparation for the class means also reading the assignments of your fellow students.