Academic Writing Part 2: Thesis development (2017/18)

Course Description: 

Academic Writing Part 2  

Group 1, 2, 3

Learning Outcomes: 

This course is designed to help students develop the academic research and writing skills they will need to complete the thesis and other requirements for the MA degree. The fall semester, led by instructors from the Center for Academic Writing, focuses on technical writing skills including organization of arguments, critical reading, quoting sources properly, and avoiding plagiarism. The second half of the course, which extends through the winter semester, incorporates assignments focused on helping the student develop and present a thesis topic, situate her research within existing theoretical and topical scholarships, and prepare for the final stages of thesis research and writing. 


This course will be evaluated as Pass/Fail based on class participation (including attendance) and full and timely completion of assignments. Please note that this means that if you fail to turn in even one assignment, you will fail the course!!