CfP for Workshop “Moving Away from ‘Post-socialism’: Reconceptualizing Scholarly Approaches to Contemporary Eastern Europe and Eurasia through Feminist and Queer Theory Lenses”

Extended deadline for abstract submission: July 5

Call for Papers
In most Eastern European countries socialism lasted for less than 50 years. Yet today, 30 years after the collapse of state socialist regimes in Europe, we still cling to the term ‘post-socialism,’ in order to address what was, and still is, a very diverse region. What does this imply?

The goal of this workshop is to critically account for the strong grip this concept has for the scholarly work engaging with contemporary Eastern Europe and Eurasia, as well as to offer potential alternatives. More specifically, we are interested in the ways through which comparative analyses based on the interdisciplinary body of work developed within gender studies and queer theory, can help us in this process. In other words, we believe that rather than just adding the categories of gender and queer to the post-socialist context, post-socialism - both as a concept and as a field of inquiry - can benefit immensely from the engagement with contemporary feminist and queer scholarly work on the fundamentally theoretical level. 

Please, read the complete CfP in the attached PDF document below.

Submission requirements
The workshop is aimed at post/graduate students and young scholars that are invited to send their short papers. 

Invited keynote speakers
Bogdan Popa, Senior Researcher, Literature and Cultural Studies, University Transilvania Brașov.

Kateřina Kolářová, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Gender Studies, School of Humanities, Charles University in Prague & Researcher at Gender and Science, Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Invited experts
Elissa Helms, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies, CEU.

Eszter Timár, Assistant Professor, Department of Gender Studies, CEU.

Hadley Renkin, Assistant Professor, Department of Gender Studies, CEU.

Andrea Krizsan, Professor, Department of Gender Studies, Department of Public Policy, CEU.

The workshop will be paper-based. Participants’ papers (up to 2500 words) should be sent in advance. This way, colleagues and invited experts will be able to read the papers in advance and prepare their feedback, allowing more time for on-site discussions. The workshop will last for 3 days. It will include public lectures and discussions, as well as short presentations by the participants. 

Place and Date
Budapest, 23-25 September 2022

If you want to participate, please send an abstract (up to 500 words) and a short bio that includes your institutional affiliation, by July 5, 2022, to all the following three contacts: (Petar Odak) (Alexandra Talaver) (Egle Ambrasaite)

The deadline for the submission of papers will be August 29, 2022.

Travel expenses will not be covered. There is no participation fee.