Call for PhD applications

The Department of Gender Studies at Central European University is accepting applications for 5 funded PhD positions for admission beginning in September, 2017. All topics within interdisciplinary gender studies will be considered, however, we are particularly looking for thesis projects that fit into the areas of expertise of faculty with supervision openings, as described below. Applicants are not required to secure an agreement with a faculty member for supervision; first-year students request a supervisor after having the chance to meet and work with faculty for two months at the beginning of the program. However, we cannot accept applications, regardless of quality, for which we cannot envision an adequate supervisor from among our faculty. The faculty welcomes serious inquiries via email.

All positions are fully funded, which includes a full tuition waiver and living stipend for three academic years; there are further opportunities to apply for additional research, writing, and teaching grants in the later stages of the program, the length of which is usually between 4-6 years. Please see THIS LINK for further details on how to apply.

Application Deadline

  • FEBRUARY 1, 2017 (23:59 CET*) Application process in now closed!


  • All applications must be complete with relevant standard test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc.). 
  • PhD proposal up to 3 pages
  • 3 recommendation letters
  • Relevant transcripts and diploma(s)

Gender Studies faculty accepting students for 2017-18:

Eszter Timar

I am interested in supervising dissertations which work with queer theory, its relevance for political thought, affect theory (especially inspired by Silvan Tomkins), and new materialism/posthumanism, and especially, but not necessarily, a combination of these with deconstruction. I am also seeking projects which explore the gendered aspects of immunological thought within continental philosophy, as well as projects involving deconstruction and feminist theory. I welcome any combination of the above, including projects featuring literary analysis.

Eva Fodor

Applications are welcome from prospective students who are interested in a theoretically guided yet empirically focused (qualitative, quantitative or both) study of any labor market or welfare state institution and gender.  A global perspective is an advantage. Students must have demonstrated academic training in some social science methodology as well as an in-depth understanding of social theories related to gender and the specific institutions of interest, and display a scholarly, not merely policy-oriented, interest in these issues.

Andrea Peto

I seek applications for research projects dedicated to analysis of critical historical and contemporary events such as the Holocaust, anti-human rights movements, extremisms, old and new forms of political violence, and feminist forms of resistance in Europe and beyond. I am especially interested in projects proposing innovative research methods from oral history interviews to digital storytelling and new forms of technology, in work which emphasizes interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological frameworks, and research which explores previously unrepresented or silenced voices, perspectives, and topics.

Erzsebet Barat

I would be interested in supervising research projects in the following broad areas: Critical Studies of Discourse, involving research into social theories of meaning and the relationships between language use, ideology and power relations, with a focus on stigmatization via various forms of hate speech and discursive articulation of identity; the intersections of gender and sexuality, including work with a focus on theories and politics of identity and vulnerability in queer theory, especially in the context of sexual citizenship and media representation of migration; and Feminist Media Studies, particularly research projects with a focus on the intersection of political media and popular culture, social media activism, and the implications of critical social research and (self-)reflexivity.

Judit Sandor

I am interested in supervising projects in a range of areas involving new developments in the complex relationships between neuroscience, law and gender; changing understandings of the meaning and implications of recent scientific and scholarly work on the connections between genes, gender and society; and the impact of emerging technologies on recent turns in bioethical thinking.

Sara Meger

I am seeking applications for doctoral research projects particularly related to questions of gender, war and militarization, global political economy, and feminist international relations. Examples of topics that might be relevant, but are far from being exhaustive, are the role of gender in contemporary armed conflicts (specific or ‘war’ generally), the gendered dimensions and impacts of militarism and militarization, the concept of militarism as forming part of global labour/supply chains in the international political economy, or theoretically-informed research that seeks to integrate feminist international relations with global political economy perspectives.