Special issue of EJWS: Transformative Activism co-edited by Ayse Gul Altinay and Andrea Peto is out

November 21, 2022

How do feminist and queer activist imaginaries respond to, initiate, mitigate, enable and complicate the ongoing process of radical transformation in the world? This special issue brings together insightful analyses of how the famous feminist dictum, ‘the personal is political’ is finding new expression in this era of climatic, pandemic, economic and political crises, particularly in the European context. Check below the Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents 
European Journal of Women's Studies- Volume: 29, Number: 4 (November 2022)


Feminist+ solidarity as transformative politics
Ayşe Gül Altınay and Andrea Pető


Women’s courageous resistance to gender apartheid in Afghanistan: A conversation with Shaharzad Akbar
Ayşe Gül Altınay and Andrea Pető


‘Look at me!’ Post-mastectomy transformative politics
Kathy Davis
Little prayer: Ambiguous grief in the LGBTQIA+ movement in Turkey
Elif Irem Az
Sounding possible worlds: The cacophony of the Istanbul Feminist Night Marches
Ege Akdemir
‘We just want to make art’ – Women with experiences of racial othering reflect on art, activism and representation
Mehek Muftee and René León Rosales
Planetary activism at the end of the world: Feminist and posthumanist imaginaries beyond Man
Sanna Karkulehto, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, and Nóra Ugron
Worker-led feminist mobilizing for the museum of the future
Margaret Middleton and Jamie J Hagen

Open Forum

Open Forum: Feminist+ solidarity
Ayşe Gül Altınay, Andrea Pető, Arlene Voski Avakian, Oksana Dutchak, Cynthia Enloe, Mert Koçak, María López Belloso, and madeleine kennedy-macfoy

Book reviews

Book review: Karol Radziszewski: The Power of Secrets
Gyula Muskovics
Book review: Black Trans Feminism
Alanah Mortlock